Osaka ⇔ Kyushu Casual Cruising by Luxury Ferry

Inexpensive, but luxurious and comfortable.
You awake to find yourself at the destination.

Our ferries have various types of rooms from the inexpensive “Tourist Class” type to “Suites” like the room of luxury hotel, which we can manage requirements of the passengers.
We operate 2 sailings from both ports every day. The 1st sailing departs in early evening and arrives in very early morning next day and the 2nd sailing departs in night and arrives in the next morning.
You can choose the sailing considering your travel plan.
Of course, the public facilities in the ferry like a restaurant, a viewing lounge and wi-fi are available, these will be your good company for your trip.
Travels in Japan are not only by rail and bus, we strongly recommend you to enjoy Country of Sea – Japan by the comfortable large-sized luxury ferry.

Today’s Operation Status

Good Points of our ferry service

  • Saving your time
  • Saving your money
  • Flexible choice
  • Spacious inboard
  • Comfortable Sailing
  • Safety Navigation

Movie Show


We are preparing valuable deals and campaigns. Please apply NOW!

Special Package is applicable to only Tourist and First Class.
Campaign is not acceptable during the period below.
・25th April 2018 – 8th May 2018
This campaign is subject to change or stop without notice.

Travel through Japan with ‘Japan Ferry Pass 21’.

*Reservations are only accepted at the website of Japan Ferry Pass 21 which is operated by Japan Long Course Ferry Service Association.

First Plan 10,700〜(ALL inclusive!!)


Our ships run in the calm and beautiful Seto Inland Sea. You can enjoy the magnificent view like Akashi –Kaikyo Bridge etc.




Current time table

  • Kita Kyushu
    (Shin Moji Port)
    (Osaka Nanko Port)
    1st saling 17:00 ⇒ 05:30 (Next Day)
    2nd saling 19:50 ⇒ 08:30 (Next Day)
  • Osaka
    (Osaka Nanko Port)
    Kita Kyushu
    (Shin Moji Port)
    1st saling *17:00 ⇒ *05:30 (Next Day)
    2nd saling 19:50 ⇒ 08:30 (Next Day)
  • *As to Jan. 1 & 2, departure time is 18:30 and arrival time is 07:00 next day.
  • *Above schedule is subject to change without notice due to adverse weather conditions, etc.



Sorry, reservations temporarily can NOT be accepted due to a delay of the ship inspection of Ferry Osaka II.
We will inform you about resuming reservations as soon as the schedule is decided.
We apologize for inconvenience.


The over-night cruising for about a half day going through Seto Inland Sea, We are waiting for you with preparing the facilities which you can spend your onboard stay relaxing.



Welcome to City Line; Meimon Taiyo Ferry!
We collect the necessary information about getting onboard.
Please read them before embarking.