Matters pertaining to cancel


Reservation Change / Cancellation

A reservation change is acceptable when seats/beds/rooms of the ferry, which you plan to switch is available and the difference of the fare shall be adjusted according to the fare tariff.
Please inform us about a change or cancellation until 11:59 a.m. of the departure date.
Refund fee will be charged for refunds to tickets that have been purchased . Amount of refund fee depends on date/time of cancellation as follows:
– From ticket purchase until 7 days prior to the departure date・・・200 JPY
– From 6 to 2 days prior to the departure date・・・10% of the fare
– From 1 day prior to the departure date until the departure time・・・30% of the fare
– After the departure time・・・100% of the fare amount

Cancellation Waiting

We don’t have any cancellation waiting list.